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08 February 2018 @ 12:34 am
99.9 SII -- EPISODE 4  

I'm running low on motivation and time this week, but here is the (delayed) hidden treasures post!

1. Not even my own father shoot me.

Akashi making reference to Gundam is nothing new, but here he is again copying a line said by Amuro.
During his dream, he said "You shoot me... Not even my own father shoot me.", this is a parody of Amuro's line "y=You hit me... N-not even my own father hit me!"

Neddless to mention, that the whole dream was a parody to the own drama.

2. More Akashi~

This line is a homage of a famous scene from the drama "Taiyou ni Hoero!", the line in concrete is said by Matsuda Yusaku during a death scene.

3. Yamada-sensei.

The mangaka Yamada Takatoshi-sensei made an appearance in Itokonchi, and the assistant even made a mention to "Dr Kotou Shinryoujo (he won an adward in 2004 for this series).

4. Kanako's new album

This week's album,  ロマンスのカニカマ [Romansu no kanikama (Kanikama of Romance)] makes reference to ロマンスの神様 [Romansu no Kamisama (God of Romance)] by Hirose Kohmi.
*Kanikama is an imitation of crab meat.

5. Maiko's settling down at the office

Ozaki has started to fill her desk with personal items, like some of the members of the office, showing us she's a fan of  Ikkokudou (the most famous and competent ventriloquist in Japan)

Also, probably you noticed the namazun (parody of amazon) box. It even has the logo of a "namazu" (catfish).

6. Sanada Maru

In the posted behind Morimoto, you can read "Sanadamaru" and Sanjuurou

The actor that plays Moromoto this week, Kondo Yoshimasa, played the role of Hirano Nagayasu in the taiga dorama "Sanada Maru".
Also, Sakoda Takaya (Tanahashi Seiichirou in this episode) played the role of Sanjuurou.

7. The messages.

The full text is written in hiragana, and Maiko reads the particle は as part of the next word so it becomes 今日 歯医者に行く [kyou haisha ni iku (today I'll go dentist)], instead of the 今日は医者に行く [kyou wa isha ni iku (today I'll go to the doctor)].

Something similar happens with all the texts, she reads what Iwamura intended to be a particle, as part of the next word.

8. Hadaka no Taisho

Tsukaji Muga (Adachi in this episode) played the role of Yamashita Kiyoshi in "The naked General".
You can see somebody dressed like his character in that drama walking in front of the factory.
Also, the symbol of Adachi Manufacturing, seems to be an onigiri, a favorite of the naked general.

9. Mitani Koki

株式会社三谷工機 [Kabushikigaisha Mitani Kou ki (Public company Mitani Tools)] -- 三谷幸喜 [Mitani Kouki]

10. Saint Seiya

セメント星屋 [Semento Seiya (Cement Seiya)] -- 聖闘士星矢 [Seitoshi Seiya (Saint Seiya)]

11. Macho Dragon

It's the name of the CD released by prowrestler Fujinami Tatsumi.
Yurioka (the suspect, Iwamura, in this episode) has quite a detailed impersionation gag of such pro-wrestler.

12. Mie pose.

In this line (いい見得の切り方ですね~), they make reference to the "mie pose". "That was a good mie pose".
The mie, a powerful and emotional pose struck  by an actor, who then freezes for a moment, is a distinctive element of aragoto Kabuki performance. Mie means 'appearance' or 'visible' in Japanese, and one of the primary purposes of this convention is to draw attention to a particularly important or powerful portion of the performance. It is meant to show a character's emotions at their peak, and can often be a very powerful pose. The actor's eyes are opened as wide as possible; if the character is meant to seem agitated or angry, the actor will cross his eyes. In Japanese, the mie pose is said to be "cut" by the actor (見得を切る, mie wo kiru). Audience members will shout out (kakegoe) words of praise and the actor's name at specific times before and after the pose is struck. (by wikipedia)
This is also a reference to Kagawa himself and his relation with Kabuki.


Kondo Yoshimasa, as Morimoto Takashi, Sada's rival. He's from John & Morimoto Law Firm, one of the 4 biggest firms in Japan.

Arimori Narimi as Iwamura Kozue, the wife.

Tsukaji Muga as Adachi Yasuo.

Sakoda Takaya as Tanahashi Seiichirou.

Kosuda Yasuto as presiding judge Tanaka.

Yurioka Chuutokkyuu, as Iwamura Naoki.

Yamada Takatoshi, the mangaka, as himself.

And, appearing at "Monster cooking", the cooking show: pro-wrestlers Nakanishi Manabu and Kitamura Katsuya.
irene_purinirene_purin on February 10th, 2018 10:31 pm (UTC)
The moment I heard "Not even my own father shoot me." I was like "I'VE HEARD THIS SOMEWHERE???" XDD

And those texts in hiragana! That's me writing in Japanese XD

These gems are really interesting as usual~ thank you for compiling them!
~Ria~fickleunicorn on February 11th, 2018 03:11 pm (UTC)
hahahaha Akashi's references to Gundam are always great!! XD

Those texts! Reading them was hard XD I totally understand how Ozaki got them all wrong.
I remember laughing so bad at class, when the teacher gave us a line of ははは, we all read it as hahaha instead of haha wa. Well, she did it to prove us why kanjis are needed, and was a clear explanation XDD

You're welcome! I'm glad they were interesting!
irene_purinirene_purin on February 11th, 2018 04:39 pm (UTC)
To be very honest, I watched Gundam SEED and some other series and used to think that the moment when they say their name + ikimasu (i.e. Kira Yamato, ikimasu!) is really cool. But now I think I won't be able to now laugh if I saw that scene in Gundam anymore XDD

TRUEE! I used to write paragraphs with all hiragana/katakana during my High School for assignment XD
I wonder how hard it is for our sensei to read that XD
iejamustapa: pic#128186810iejamustapa on June 12th, 2018 03:24 pm (UTC)
really love it.. thank you for sharing :D