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28 February 2018 @ 08:43 pm
99.9 SII -- EPISODE 6  

Episode 6, let's go!
As always, this post lacks some other trivia. It's quite hard to gather all, and there are some others that didn't interest me that much.

*NOTE: THE POST IS UNFINISHED, will come back to finish it later or tomorrow.

1. Ootori Sushi

Ootori Sushi [大酉寿司] is the sushi restaurant where Yuuta (Ozaki's brother) works.
Ootori Sushi (but written 鳳寿司) is the name of the sushi restaurant of Ootori Seigoro in "Shota no Sushi" [将太の寿司]. Ryuu Raita (Arai in this episode) played the role of Ootori Seigoro in the drama adaptation of the manga.

2. The North Wind and the Sun

I didn't explain much in the subs, so I'm taking the chance to leave a little note about Aesop's fable "The North Wind and the Sun" that you can read |here|
"The North Wind boasted of great strength. The Sun argued that there was great power in gentleness." They both compete to see who makes a traveller get rid of his cloak faster. That's why Sada argues he's the Sun, and will make Miyama remove his coat.

3. The street
***will fill this part later*** It contains references to Kitano Takeshi and his troup. There are plenty of references to it in this episode.

4. Tabaz

At first sight, it looks like the tobacco shop's signboard reads たばこ, but it actually says たばZ (TabaZ)
Also, in the lower part, you can read "Dungbeetle", in Japanese ふんころがし [funkorogashi (dung beetle)], which is Dankan's former stage name. (Dankan is a member of Takeshi Gundan too)
Dankan, by the way, is the one that plays the role of the Tobacco shop owner.

5. The usual

The tobacco brand Arai requests is called "Itsumono" (the usual), so when he says "two itsumono", it seems as if he is asking for two of the usual, until you see the actual packs that clearly say "itsumono".

6. The call log

井出くん [Ide-kun] -- Ide Rakkyo [井手らっきょ] (member of Takeshi Gundan]
スナック殿 [Snack-dono] -- Dono is how Takeshi Gundan members call Kitano Takeshi
松尾憲三 [Matsuo Kenzou] -- Matsuo Bannai's real name (member of Takeshi Gundan)

7. The signboard at the police station

歩奥神社 [Hooku Jinja (Hooku Temple)] -- ポークジンジャー [Pooku jinjaa (Ginger pork)]
宗方神社 [Munakata Jinja (Munakata Temple)] --宗方仁 [Munakata Jin]
南方神社 [Minakata Jinja] -- 南方仁 [Minakata Jin, from the movie JIN-仁-]
加太霧神社 [Kata Kiri Jinja] -- 片桐仁 [Katagiri Jin]
邑上祥寺 [MurakamiShou Ji] -- 村上ショージ [Murakami Shouji]
万道永寺[Bandoei Ji] -- 板東英二 [Bando Eiji]

8. Maiko's date of birth

In the upper right corner it says "Heisei 61". We're currently in Heisei 30, so... what?

9. Miyama's candy

The candy reads "おめでとう 御名糖”
They play with "御名糖" (famous sugar) and "ご名答" (You've hit it), both read "gomeitou".

10. Sasa Sushi

The name, Sasa Sushi [沙々寿司] is yet another homage to Shota no Sushi. Shota's sushi restaurant is badly affected by the apparition of Sasa Sushi (笹寿司), a sushi-chain conglomerate.

In the back, it can be read "魚心あればシャリ心" which is a parody of "魚心あれば水心" (Scratch my back and I will scratch yours).

In the office, we see this poster. This poster makes reference to Jun's drama "Smile".

11. Itokonchi's menu

Taking the first character of every one, you get "Los Ingobernables", the name of the team of the pro-wrestlers that appear next.
**Will be back to fill the rest**

12. The shirt

The shirt mixes Afro hair with New Japan Pro-wrestling and 99.9.

13. The pro-wrestlers

And, this time's pro-wrestlers guests are BUSHI and Naito, from "Los Ingobernables de Japón".
Ingobernable means "ungovernable". They keep saying things in Spanish, was quite fun hearing them.

14. Kanako's CD

This weeks album, "ルージュの天丼" [ruuju no tendon (rouge tendon - tempura served over a bowl of rice)] is a homage to "ルージュの伝言" [ruuju no dengon (Message in rouge)] by Matsutoya Yumi, the opening of Kiki's Delivery Service.

15. Twitter

First of all, we can read a tweet by Shiga-pon (@lets_begin) -- Shiga-sensei
The tweet reads: "Nacchan, I hate coriander as much as I hate Sada, so why did you put it in my bento?"

Pay attention to the TT, we have "Black Pean" and "HanaNochiHare", both upcoming TBS dramas. Black Pean is the one starring Nino.

16. Phakchi Bento Sumire

The guy from the food truck is IZAM, the singer of SHAZNA.

His apron reads "September love". The food truck is called "Phakchi Bento Sumire",  "Sumire September Love" is a song by SHAZNA.

Also, in the menu you can read "Melty Love", which was SHAZNA's debut song.

17. Victory

The shirt Yuuta (Sato Shori [佐藤勝利] -- 勝利 meaning victory), reads Victory.

18. Yokoyama Yasushi

横山屋鮨 [Yokoyama-ya Sushi] -- 横山やすし [Yokoyama Yasushi]


Ryu Raita as Arai.

Yokota Eiji as Itomura

Dankan as Ida Seiichi.
By the way, Dankan is a member of Takeshi Gundan.

Furutachi Yuutaro as Sakamoto Suguru

Kaneko Daichi as Onishi

IZAM as the owner of the food truck.

Mimata Matazou (also member of Takeshi Gundan) as Hirata

And, as themselves: BUSHI and Naito