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05 April 2018 @ 12:50 am
99.9 SII -- EPISODE 8  

Well, with a huge delay, here's episode 8's trivia post!

This post may lack a lot of stuff, but I'm only including what wasn't added to the subs and I found interesting enough to add it here.

Is there is anything that made you curious from the episode and I haven't added it, let me know and I check it out!

1. Hitoto You

The name of the sweet bean jelly that appears in this episode was "ひとと羊羹" (Hito to Youkan), a reference to the Japanese singer Hitoto You (一青 窈)

2. Colloportus

When the accused in this episode explains how he's the only one with access to the storage room where they keep the Setxin, we can see the security system they use. It's called "colloportus", a locking spell from Harry Potter.

3. Loving Japan the same you love a mother

One of the slogans of Toudou's campain (Loving Japan as you love a mother/Loving Japan as he loves his mother) seems to be a reference to Sano's character in the drama "Zutto anata ga suki datta", who had a mother complex.

4. Shimane

Actor Sano Shirou (Toudou) was raised in Shimane Prefecture.

5. Maybe...

The poster reads "きっと たぶん だったっけ?気になることは再チェック" (Most likely, it was probably like that? Re-check what intrigues you), a possible reference to the wife's testimony?

6. Go, go ,Heaven

"Go, go, Heaven" is the name of the company that takes care of the deceased belongings.

7. 7th anniversary

The 8th episode of 99.9 aired on the 11th of March, the day of the 7th anniversary of the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami.

Combining the first character of every line together, you can read "So Tohoku, Kyushu, Taiwan and the world can smile in a near future"

You can also read "Let's go, Tohoku" in the kokeshi doll.

8. Kanako's album

This time's album is called ずっとアナゴが好きだった ("Zutto anago ga suki datta", I always loved anago/conger eel), a homage to the drama ずっとあなたが好きだった ("Zutto anata ga suki datta", I always loved you)
(Sano Shiro appeared in such drama, as mentioned before)
In the lateral, you can read "Is Kanako finally running out of ideas?"