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14 November 2016 @ 02:44 am
Arashi ni Shiyagare [2016.11.12] Review/spam (1)  
This is a review/spam from the last episode of Arashi ni Shiyagare with Sexy Zone.
Basically, been saying I would try to do some review for week, and... ta-dah! It took incredibly long to post, tho lol

Anyway, this wasn't done with the prupose of being used for subbing. It's not a full translation, and it's not revised.
I don't know a thing about Sexy Zone, sorry for the mistakes.
Do not take without permission.
And last, don't retranslate this.

Concrit about how to make a proper review is appreciated!

Saturday Night Live, Arashi ni Shiyagare!
Sho: Well, it has started, Arashi ni Shiyagare. They have come, today’s guests are our kouhai, Sexy Zone. Thank you for coming.

All: We ask your favor.
Sho: What? It’s your first time here in Arashi ni Shiyagare?
SZ: It’s the first time the five of us come.
Sho: It is, right? And how come you are here today?
Kento: Well, probably Arashi, doesn’t know much about Sexy Zone yet.

Sho: Well, that’s true. If we talk about knowing about each of you in detail… Ohno-san, are you confident (in knowing them)?
Ohno: Well, I don’t have any intention to know them in detail, though.
Fuma: Why?
Nino: That’d put an end to this.
Kento: That’s why, we were allowed to do this. A sexy special corner: Everything about Sexy Zone that we want Arashi to know!

VO: They have reached their 5th anniversary since their debut this year, Sexy Zone.

VO: Known as the loveholic prince, Nakajima Kento.

VO: The complete ikemen, Sato Shori.

VO: The sparkling current Keio student, Kikuchi Fuma.

VO: The naive mood-maker, Matsushima So.

VO: Trilingual and born in Germany, Marius Yo.
VO: Tonight, this group, with an average age of 19, will challenge Arashi!

Tonight MC will be Hatori.

MC: Well, Sexy Zone members, you want to deepen your friendship with Arashi, actually, there are already many common points between Arashi and Sexy Zone.
Sho: Common points?
SZ: There are.
MC: First one.
[5 members]
SZ: That’s true.
Fuma: Yes.
MC: This is not to laugh about, it’s the greatest common point.
Sho: Well, true.
Jun: That?
MC: It starts now.
[CD debut for the Volleyball World Cup]
SZ: That’s important.
MC: Third one.
[Debut song is the name of the group]

Sho: Arashi with “Arashi”, and Sexy Zone with “Sexy Zone”.: Was like “Arashi, huh?” at first.
Aiba: It had some impact, right?

Jun: We really hated it, huh?
MC: You hated it at first?
Jun: We did.
Aiba: It’s in kanji.
Jun: Was like “a kanji...”.
Ohno: None of you disliked it when you were first told “Sexy Zone”?
Ohno: A lot.
MC: Isn’t that the majority?
Nino: Three of them, huh?
Sho: What did you feel about “Sexy Zone”, Marius?
Marious: Well, “What is he saying?”

But, the common points don’t stop there. There are deeper common points. There are actually great resemblance between the members’ characters.

So, they will be getting in couples, according to the part each of them have been assigned.
Sexy Zone are asked to get behind the member they overlap with.

Kento: Maybe we’ll even hug you.
Sho: Well, Nakajima would probably do so. We know that.

Nino: Don’t come my way, please!

Open your eyes and see the result, Arashi~~
Like that.

All: You got it right.
Nino: Hold on, I can’t believe this.

So, they get them announcing what they will be in charge of. Starting with Kikuchi Fuma.

Fuma: It’s a bit presumptuous to say it myself, but based on the many common points, this is mine.
Sho: Is this okay? Keep on.
Fuma: Well, over anything, I have always admired him, I’ve been allowed to say so. Our university is the same one, too. Well, if you talk about Sho-kun, there is the image of intelligentsia.
Sho: That’s no good.
Fuma: Is it?
Sho: Things like intellectual, I’ve been called so, but claiming so myself… I won’t be able to make mistakes in quiz shows. Just failing a bit in a kanji, and you get treated like an idiot.
Fuma: Yes.
Sho: If I declare to be “the intellectual”, it will be really hard.

Nino: But you thought that was a common point, right?
Fuma: Yes.
Sho: No, no, being “the idiot” is surely easier. Being “the intellectual” is hard…
Fuma: We’ll go with “the idiot”.
SZ: That was fast!

Matsushima’s turn.
Sou: In charge of variety.
Aiba: Well, well. I’ve been allowed to do some shows.
Jun: Aiba-kun has that image, right?

Sou: I really admire Degawa-san--
Aiba: Hold on, hold on. I’m not Degawa!

Sou: Also, Aiba-kun really takes risks, so I think maybe we resemble in that.
Sho: Indeed. When I’m quite tired, I watch Aiba-kun on TV. When he fights against a tiger, I think I have to do my best.

Marius now.

Marius: Ohno-kun is good at drawing, right? Actually, I… am not good, but, I like to draw. That’s why… “The artist”

Marius: Today’ I’ve drawn Ohno-kun’s face.
Ohno: Really?
Marius: Here it is. Well, somehow, the balance is still a little so so, but--
Sho: Why the title is “The Fisher”?
Ohno: But this takes quite some time, right?
Marius: Considerably. Over an hour.
Ohno: It does, right?
Sho: You can say by looking at it.
Ohno: Since it’s fairly detailed.
Marius: There is one more.

Marius: Can you say who is this?

Jun: It says “Tokyo Bar”. I have that “bar” image, right?
Nino: He drawed it with the image of you.
Jun: I wonder where I’m looking.
Nino: There is a bar there.

Next, MatsuJun x Sato pair.

MC: First let me ask, what kind of pair do you think it is, MatsuJun?
Jun: Strong features?

Sho: Indeed, you two somehow look like brothers.
Shori: Really?
Sho: You are somehow similar.

Jun: No, no, no, that’s strange. Mind? Mind? If it’s that, to say “deep features” would be better.

Nino X Nakajima pair.

Nino: Right now, the professional, the variety type, the intellectual, the artist have come out, right? I think we’ve exhausted the options.
Nino: This, even if he says acting now, it’s like “why the last one?”.
Kento: Ah, but in the acting field, congratulations on your Academy Award.
Nino: Thank you. I was the 39th.
Kento: The 39th?
Nino: The 39th.
Sho: Stop.
Kento: I think this one is appropriate for Ninomiya-kun.

[The impersonator]
Sho: Impersonations?

Nino: Well, I’m thankful, but I’m not a person that comes up with impersonations. So it’s difficult. I’m thankful, though.
Sho: Somehow, I want to see Nakajima’s ones.
Kento: For today’s sake, I’ve become good at impersonations.
Nino: It may just be my thought, but I think he should be the one in charge of professionalism.

Take a look at the impersonations that Nakajima has prepared for today.

Kento: If Oguri Shun-san, HSJ’s Inoo Kei-kun and Yuuji Oda-san came together as guests to Arashi ni Shiyagare.
MC: That’s a detailed setting.
Nino: I’ve never done ones like that.

Kento: Hello, I’m Oguri Shin. Arashi ni Shiyagare? Katteni shiyagare.
[T/N: “katteni” means “as you please. So, “Katteni shiyagare” is “do as you please”]
Kento: Oh, Tsukasa, it’s been a while. I’m a fan of that drama. So, next up is this guy, jumping “Heisei”, Inoo Kei.
[T/N: The name Hey! Say! refers to the fact that all the members were born in the Heisei period]
Kento: Everybody, hello. I’m Inoo Kei. I’m Inoo Kei. Now, that PPAP is trending, huh? So, today will have this person to do it. Then, Oda-san, please.
Kento: Ah, have free time. Ah~! Apple-pen. Pineapple-pen. Uh! Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen! I did it!
SZ: Awesome! High level!

S: Hold on, wasn’t it long?
Kento: Sorry.

Here for part 2
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Thank you :)