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14 November 2016 @ 02:45 am
Arashi ni Shiyagare [2016.11.12] Review/spam (2)  
Part 1

Now, let’s take a look at each Sexy Zone member’s personality.
So, Strong Zone time~! XD To shorten the distance, they will have them to know about each member’s strong point.

First, Nakajima’s strong zone.
[Attentive with fans]
(T/N: lit. God correspondence. There are word plays with this later on)
Nakajima was told “I like you” by a fan. So, how does the attentive Nakajima replies?
MC: Matsumoto-san,what would you say?

Jun: No, no, I like you more.
MC: I see. How was that one?
Kento: I think it was lovely.

Jun: I wouldn’t say it, though

When being told “I like you” by a fan, this is how Nakajima replies.
“I don’t like you, I love you.”
A: I see!
S: Exceeding the other.
A: I see, I see.
S: Going above it.
Kento: Isn’t “live” above “like”? And, in a handshake even with a fan that came because she likes me, so I think the best word suitable for that, is I love you.

Nino: On the contrary, what do you guys say?
Sho: What do the plain people say?
Fuma: Us, the plain people, say thank you with a smile

When told “Please, marry me” by a fan…
Nino: Eh? What are you saying? We already are, right?
Nino: I went one step higher.

Jun: If it’s not polygamous, I can’t--
MC: What are you saying?
Nino: That’s Matsumoto-san’s reply.

Nakajima's reply: “Idiot, let me be the one proposing!”

S: *cracks* Ah, awesome. Really awesome.

So, they have now a demonstration of Nakajima-sensei’s divine attentiveness…

Nino: He’s seriously staring!
J: Why are you killing her with your gaze?!
Kento: I’m not!
Jun: What are you doing?
Kento: First of all, your eyes have to meet, isn’t that important?
Jun: It hasn’t started yet.
Kento: Sorry, I got into it too quickly.

MC: How was it?
Nino: Somehow, it was like bright erotic book.

And from Arashi… Leader!
Nino: Well, he’s not anything like a god. In his case, is more like Buddha.
Jun: The Buddha Satoshi.
Nino: So we want them to learn from that.
MC: Not a god level? Buddha level?

Fan: I came from Hokkaido to meet you.
Ohno: Be careful on your way home.


O: Thank you.
Fan: What do I have to do to date you?
O: Date? I’ve never dated anybody, so I don’t know.
Sho: Buddha!
Nino: Take care on your way home.


Fan: Please, kiss me.
Ohno: Kiss? You surely say terrific things. Then, I will go ask permission to your mother.
Nino: Safe!

It’s over~

MC: Do you have any trick? Any point?
Ohno: First of all, to think about the other person first.
Nino: And their parents, right?
Aiba: They’d be worried, right?

Next up is Marius’ strong zone.

So, he took a camera home, to show the state of his house.
Marius femininity demonstration before going to sleep. Beauty course, making cookies.... I won’t translate this part, sorry. Just watch it~

...And he brought the cookies he made

Sho: You even made the wrapping.

Ohno-kun is really dropping crumbles.
Jun: Grandpa. Eat properly without dropping it.
How is it, grandpa?

Ohno: It’s the first time I eat such a;lsjkdsfkalj;ks
What are you saying?
Sho: You took out your denture?

Next is Kikuchi Fuma.
[Invincible at thumb wrestling]

Sho: Are your hands big?
Fuma: My thumbs are long. So I’ve almost never lost.

Fuma is left-handed, so Nino is chosen as the rival for a sudden match.

Nino: No, I’ve never fought with my left hand.
He said it’s because the majority of people are right handed.

Nino just moves too much!! Couldn't even take a proper cap.

Yep, Fuma won!

MC: Wasn’t that the thumb wrestling with more movement in the whole history?

Next, Matsushima’s strong zone.
[Latest fashion private clothes]

Sho: You like it?
Matsushima: Yes. I like fashion, and want to be like the fashion leader in Sexy Zone.
And there is something he wants to do today.
Matsushima: I want Ohno-kun to wear the clothes I’ve selected.

Nino: You coming up a lot today.
Ohno: Yes. Do you want me to do it that badly?

So, they go to backstage to change quickly.
And while they change, it’s Sato Shori’s strong zone.

[Haiku writing to a national level]

Matsushima: I entered a contest in middle school, and got a higher-ranking award.
Sho: Awesome.
Nino: You won?
Fuma: He also does haikus in the songs.

So, apparently, he added one in that song.

And they have him to make up a haiku with “autumn”... And Aiba too.

Shori’s: “The forever blowing wind, brings an autumn storm”

Shori: I thought about adding Arashi, an autumn storm has the seasonal word. It’s like a slightly strong wind, like them aiming to create an storm when they debuted.

Nino: Aiba said so.
Aiba: I kept saying “We want to create a storm around the world” all the time.

Nino: It’s a coincidence, but the direction in both is exactly the same.

Aiba’s: “I want to eat it. Kurikunton and grilled pike.”
[T/N: Kurikinton: mashed sweet potatoes with sweetened chestnuts]

Nino: Cute.
A: Right?
Jun: Why “kurikinton-ton”.
Aiba: For the rhythm.

MC: And the seasonal word?
Aiba: Kurikinton.
Sho: also, the “sanma”, right?
Jun: That’s kurikinton?

Aiba: Don’t dig too much into mine.

So, time for Ohno and Sexy Zone’s fashionista to come out.

MC: Ohno-san, how is it?
Ohno: It’s the best.
MC: You definitely don’t go like this normally, right?
Ohno: I don’t.

Points: a twins coordination. It’s “sweet and salty” fashion, with the bear somehow droling is a bit intense but the fluorescent color, and the leggings give it a cute touch.

Matsushima: Having Ohno to wear the cap, it brings out the cuteness.
Jun: You chose it because you wanted leader to wear this?
Matsushima: Yes.

Ohno: Honestly, what do you think about me right now?
Matsushima: It really suits you.
Ohno: No, you’ve been laughing all the time.
Matsushima: I’m probably not used to seeing it.
Ohno: If that’s it, it’s fine.

part 3