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24 November 2016 @ 12:51 am
VS Arashi [2016.11.10] Review (w/ translations) 2  
Opening | here |

First battle is BALLOON SHOOTING!

*First is Guest Team's challenge.

Also, starting this week, Fuji TV male announcers will be taking the "ten no koe" possition each week.

This week, it was Tanioka Shinichi's turn.

Opponent team's score: 200 points.

Arashi Team's challenge.

A: Somehow, you look like Gachapin today.

S: True.

K: I think it's a problem. I mean, I was told that today Arashi Team would wear yellow-green. I was told yellow-green.

S: No, no, from our side it seems you can't read the situation.

A: You really stand out.

K: No, no. It was written. "If green-yellow is difficult, khaki is also a possibility", it was written that it was yellow-green. But since it said "yellow-green" I thought I'd go yellow-green with all my might.

S: Have you recently gone out for lunch?

A: We went for monja, was it?

K: Yeah. Like a week and a half ago.

S: Eh!?

A: We go quite often. So when he went to Rio for the paraolympics... I felt so lonely.

A: It was three weeks.

K: Halfway, I felt lonely too. But during that time, he went out for meals with Kanjani's Yokoyama a lot.

A: Eh? Are you jealous?

VO: So, today, we want the viewers to know more about this Kazama, so I interviewed him before.

VO: I went to meet him, and got to hear many things.

S: Where is Kazama?

K: No matter how you look at it, Kazama is the one in the left.

S: No, no, that's a manager.

K: It's not my manager.

VO: Kazama-san was a torch runner for Rio Paralympics.

K: Yes.

N: Oh!!

J: Which one?

K: The one in white.

A: Awesome!!

S: Really?

O: Awesome.

A: How cool.

S: Why? Why?

K: "Why?"

A: You can do it if you want?

K: You can't do it as you please.

K: I asked to let me do it, and I was told yes.

VO: What happened to that torch after that?

K: Ah, I could choose whether to buy it or not after that, so I bought it and brought it back with me.

A: Does it lit? Does it?

K: It probably won’t anymore.

A: It won’t? Awesome.

K: And when you turn this…

A: How cool! How cool!!

K: Like it transforms.

A: How cool! Eh? I want it.

K: No, no. Even if we are close friends, I won’t give you this.

A: It can’t be?

K: No.

J: Then, let’s do a quiz lottery…

K: No, no. That’s even worse.

Game start!

K: It moved since the first one!

A: Yeah.

N: They move a lot.

A: We didn’t tell you, but so it is.

K: And that small ones…

A: That’s a handicap.


N: The last one was so close!

S: It was just that small one, right?

Arashi’s score: 165 points.

S: Well, it’s fine, right? How was it, Kazama? In the last one.

K: I hit one in the last one.

A: Any minus ones?

K: I think none.

A: You kidding, right? Not breaking any of those is impressive.

Btw, he didn't break any.

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