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24 November 2016 @ 12:53 am
VS Arashi [2016.11.10] Review (w/ translations) 3  


As before, first to challenge is the opponent team. So we'll skip to Arashi Team's turn~

Shooters: Kazama and Aiba

S: Kazama, who’s from the same time as you? You get along with Aiba-kun, but you are kouhai-senpai to begin with, right?

A: I’m completely his senpai.

K: It’s like half a year or a year difference, right?

A: I entered in August 1996.

K: I did on the following May.

J: 1997 then, right?

A: See? I’m considerably your senpai.

K: I wonder.

A: Who is from your time?

K: Yamashita and so.

S: Yamapi?

A: Yamapi.

S: When he said Yamashita, I had no idea who was it.

K: Well, he’s not Yama Pi, after all.

N: You have to call him Yamashita-kun.

K: Eh? What marks the distinction? Is it because he shines?

A: Stop what you are saying.

VO: We know that Kazama gets along well with Aiba, but how long has it been since you last were with the 5 Arashi members?

K: I wonder… Isn’t it since the time we went to karaoke?

Guest: Eh? Karaoke?

S: After your senpais V6’s 20th anniversary concert.

J: Kazama, who called you again?

K: You did.

J: Me?

K: You.

K: At first, Toma and Jun were drinking. But it was the first day of my butai or something like that, so I had the party and told them I couldn’t, then, it was passed to Jun-kun, “You have become something great, huh? You are the type of not treasuring your friends?” So I said, I got it, that I’d go, and when I went he said “Well, we’ve invited everybody but they haven’t come yet. You surely came quickly, huh?”

S: A despot!

J: You came immediately, right?

K: I went immediately.

K: The other day, I opened the closet, and as I was organizing everything, I saw my favorite t-shirt. When I took it out, it was full of scribbles, I couldn’t remember why. But looking at pictures from that day, I was wearing that t-shirt. It’s a supposition, but I think Jun-kun was the first one coming to me with a marker--

J: It wasn’t me!

K: Without mistake, it’s from the 5 of them. It was Arashi, for sure. The other’s didn’t write on it. But between these five, the top-batter was Jun-kun for sure.

J: Don’t just speak based on guessings.

K: Yes, well, it’s commemorative, but my favorite t-shirt became something else. I will bring it next time.

J: I get it, I remembered. We were all gathered, so we wanted to do something commemorative… And that was Kazama’s t-shirt in the end.

K: It feels it was something like that.

Spot the shoe~

And have some extra cap of Aiba cheating.

J: That’s bad, right? You didn’t jump.

Daigo: We couldn’t see… But if he was jumping at this speed is something awesome.

The last three balls were not accepted as points since Aiba didn’t jump.

A: I was found out?

K: If you think you wouldn’t get caught with that…

VO: Arashi team’s score, 150 points!

VO: Kazama-san, where did your left shoe go?

Guest: Kazama-san!

K: It quickly fell off. Quite in the beginning.

S: You kept on without it?

K: Yes.

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