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24 November 2016 @ 12:56 am
VS Arashi [2016.11.10] Review (w/ translations) 4  

Next game is PINBALL RUNNER!

Since the opponent team are fans of the Hiroshima Carp, the usual numbers were exchanged for the players names and numbers.

First is opponent team’s turn.

Score: 90 points.

Next is arashi team’s challenge.

Runner: MatsuJun

Commanders: Kazama, Ohno and Sho.

S: We were talking about it now. Matsumoto-kun, don’t you notice anything looking at us?

J: Notice something…?

O: You are also included.

S: Matsumoto-kun.

J: Could it be…

K: Maybe I should call you Nardo bes-tter.

S: Don’t fumble there!

K: Sorry.

N: Tell your friend to do it properly!

A: Hey!

N: That was the best part!

A: I love that about him.

S: Matsumoto-kun!

J: Chino!

K: Nardo. We are the West Side team.

J: How nostalgic.

N: So that it is. We weren’t included, right?

J: For me, it was the only musical I’ve done. The famous West Side Story.

S: More or less, we were in the same team.

J: Kazama was in a different one with me.

S: You were in his?

K: Yes.

S: What’s with you?

O: What’s with you? Go there.

K: In a loose sense, we're all friends.

J: It’s nostalgic.

S: 10 years ago?

J: 2004?

K: At that time, our president, Johnny-san came to the place where Sho-kun and I were. He was praising me. My role was “Chino”, but he kept saying “Kazama’s Chiko is good”. He kept calling me “Chiko”. But through eye-contact, Sho-kun and I felt it wasn’t the place to correct him, and Sho-kun was like “Well, well, Kazama’s Chiko…” We were trying to keep on the Chiko, and right then, Jun-kun came in saying “Ah, Johnny-san is here”. And he said “we were talking about Kazama’s Chiko now”,  he said “what’s “Chiko”, he’s Chino”.

J: I’m sorry, Johnny-san!

K: Then, Johnny-san told us both “why didn’t you two tell me?” We meant well.

Score: 120 points.

J: As expected, it’s hard to do it like this. I had to think, and also Kazama, when saying it “Err… Eldred-san”, he added “err…”, we had to think about it, so it was slower.

S: Despite of that, you got many.

S: How was giving instructions for you, Kazama?

K: Somehow, having Jun-kun to listen to my instructions felt really fresh.

S: You said them while thinking that?

K: It’s the first time ever the roles are like this.

S: It was a minute of happiness, right?

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