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24 November 2016 @ 12:58 am
VS Arashi [2016.11.10] Review (w/ translations) 5  

*Last game is KICKING SNIPER

First team to play is opponent team.

Score: 450 points.

Arashi Team's turn~

First zone:

Second zone:

Third zone:

The score difference is 395 points.

O: How many points is the max?

VO: 900 points.

O: We can do this, can’t we?

J: Well, saying that we lost in the 300th episode.

N: We have to get 400 points.

K: It’ll be fine.

S: Why do you say that?

N: Listen to him without getting mad.

S: Why?

K: Because I’m here.

N: But, everybody is using their physical ability on a daily basis, right? He hasn’t used his in 33 years.

S: So it accumulated?

N: Yes. It has really piled up!

K: No, it’s not like I’ve never used it. There was also a period when we danced together, right?

A: Can you dance?

K: I’ve danced many times here! Just look for the past VRTs!

K: It will happen the same!

A: Do a different song.

O: The new one.

K: I don’t have any new one!

J: Do the one we did the other day, “Can do! Can go!”

As expected. Yep. Kazama is bombarded while dancing.

S: Sorry, sorry. Sorry about that now.

K: If you can just kick that neatly we’ll get the 900 points.

S: Indeed.

K: 900 points will be fine.

There is a 395 points difference, which means the victory will be for Arashi as soon as they get 400 points.

And with Aiba’s perfect it’s over. Arashi Team wins.

S: We did a good job.

N: As expected, that was the result of practising.

All: Thank you.

K: Well… We could say it was thanks to me.

A: Did you hit them?

K: Well, the chance to didn’t came, to begin with. And then, when it was my chance, I beautifully missed it. After all, this is not my place, it’s there. (where the cans are)

S: That side suits you more?


And with Aiba’s perfect it’s over. Arashi Team wins.

Posting is too tiring. I gave up on posting Sho's corner in Shiya with Sexy Zone, btw~
pupilurkerpupilurker on November 24th, 2016 03:43 am (UTC)
Haha so that's what they were talking anout. Thank you!

Nino's reaction is just precious when J was trying to justify his drunken graffiti habit!~ hahaha I wonder who did it (≧∀≦)